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Welcome to the fourteenth annual San Francisco Cuisine Restaurant and Winery Guide, and its website, www.sanfranciscocuisine.com. We would like to invite your restaurant to be a part of San Francisco Cuisine Volume XVI. 

San Francisco Cuisine has a complete marketing package that includes print, web and social media, all for one very reasonable and affordable fee. The Restaurant Guide and Website showcase your menu, photos, recipes, and all pertinent restaurant information, beautifully presented in a format that displays all of each restaurant’s options. 

San Francisco Cuisine is committed to helping Chef/Owners and Restaurateurs thrive in this competitive environment. We have our publication in over 4500 greater Bay Area hotel rooms, winery tasting rooms, and concierge association members use them to assist guests in making dining decisions. We also provide copies to the Wine Merchants Wine Store for distribution at the Ferry Building as well as sixteen additional Bay Area Farmers markets through Marshall’s Farms. In addition, San Francisco Cuisine is donated to a number of charitable organizations as gifts for participants at their fund raising events.

Our website is designed for mobile web and is easily found on all smartphones and tablets. The website content includes full restaurant profiles - general restaurant information, menus, photo gallery, recipes, chef /owner bios and events. Also, sanfranciscocuisine.com is linked to each restaurant’s website and reservation page, and participating restaurants have full access to our growing Facebook and Twitter fan base. 

I will be in touch with you. In meantime, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information. 

John Ormond

Publisher, San Francisco Cuisine Restaurant Guide




A Growing Distribution & Readership
Concierges in hotels throughout the Bay Area have been using San Francisco Cuisine as their premier dining and winery directory for more than a decade. You’ll find it in major book stores, as well as airport gift shops, gourmet grocery stores, culinary events, travel organizations, visitor centers, select hotels and inns and more.